Masterpieces of French cuisine: Terrine, Doufeu, Cocotte

French cuisine is one of the most popular in the world – there is a dish to suit everyone’s taste! Every French region has its own culinary symbols, known all over the world: Beef Burgundy, Rooster in Wine Alsace, Bouillabaisse soup from Provence, Duck in Cider Norman, Pork Riette Loire, etc. You can cook French culinary masterpieces at home too, the main thing is to use the right utensils. What kind? Let us tell you!


The world of French delicacies is rightly opened by terrine. The classic dish is a roll of different types of minced meat, but there are versions of terrines of vegetables, fish, seafood and even dessert terrines. To form this appetizer, the products are prepared in two ways – shredded or sliced, sometimes combining both, and tamped together, tightly covered and sent to the oven.
Originally, terrine was a rectangular ceramic dish with a tight lid, which since the 19th century French housewives used to store meat. Eventually this convenient fireproof crockery began to be used for cooking as well, and the dish was given the same name – terrine.

You can surprise your guests with a French delicacy by terrine of the French brand Le Creuset. It is probably the only brand in the market that offers culinary cookware of premium quality made of enameled cast iron and ceramics that is designed specifically for making terrines. Cast-iron enameled cookware is not only universal and practical but also allows you to cook a big portion of food – the length of the product is 32 cm. Stylish appearance terrine will emphasize impeccable taste of the hostess: you can choose from orange and cherry color cookware.


A stew, a spicy stew or a fish in sauce – any dish stewed over a low heat has every chance of becoming your favorite if it’s cooked right. In the classic French deep-bottomed pot called doufeu, stews take on a new meaning. This is the case when the main star of the dish is rightly considered to be the utensil that rewards it with incredible flavors. The hallmark of the doufeu pot is a thick lid with a recessed bottom. Ice is placed in this cavity during cooking. This cooking technique is designed so that the hot steam cooled by the cold of the lid flows as condensate back into the pot, bringing out the flavors and making the dish soft and tender. With Le Creuset brand quality doufeu you can cook any dish of any complexity: cast iron distributes heat evenly and is suitable for all types of stoves.


That was the name of the famous French dish Julienne originally. Exquisite mushrooms with chicken under cheese are traditionally cooked in small portioned cocotte made of cast iron, steel or ceramic. Over time, French chefs came up with a variety of baking pots of different sizes and shapes, which also came to be called cocottes. True professionals use Staub brand cocottes in cooking. Functional and aesthetically pleasing cookware has been recognized by the legendary chef Paul Bocuse: the brand’s close friendship with Michelin restaurants and chefs gave birth to the new products.

Whichever dish you choose, be sure to arm yourself with quality and durable cookware: it will help you delight your guests at any event – whether it’s a big celebration or a modest dinner.